1. 🔥 7 days in Dubai : EXPLORER Pack 🔥

🔥 7 days in Dubai : EXPLORER Pack 🔥

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🔥 7 days in Dubai from 529,000FCFA 🔥

"EXPLORED: the ultimate travel package for those looking for an affordable and exciting way to explore the city of Dubai!"

Specifically designed to cut prices, this package contains everything you need to experience the best of Dubaï without breaking the bank. From luxurious shopping malls to breathtaking desert safaris and impressive architecture, the Explorer Package has it all. Stay in comfortable, budget-friendly accommodations while enjoying all that this glamorous city has to offer. Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to discover Dubai at an unbeatable price. Book your "Explorer" package today and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

Included in this package:

🎫 Round trip air tickets with Rwandair or EgyptAir

🏨 3* hotel with breakfast

🎟️ Dubai Visas + Covid Special Insurance

🚐 Shuttle

⚠️ NB : 10Kg in cabin, O Kg in hold

🏖️ Tourist Activities:

- Desert safari with dance show and BBQ.

- City tour of Dubai


TourismDubai and Abu Dhabi City Tour
HotelHotel 3 ***


Day 1: Departure from the airport to Dubai City

Day 1: Departure from the airport to Dubai City

- Make sure you have all your documents ready (passport, boarding ticket, vaccination card, Covid test less than 72 hours old if you are not vaccinated)

- In your luggage, put clothes adapted to the hot climate of the city. Don't forget your sunglasses, sunscreen and other accessories.

Take shoes in which you will be comfortable throughout the day.

- Signal your guide before takeoff

Arrival in Dubai and beginning of the stay

Arrival in Dubai and beginning of the stay

- Upon arrival, Gaelle's guide is already on site to take you to your accommodation.

Take the time to change your currency.

 Day 3: City tour

Day 3: City tour

Your guide will have given you the day's schedule in advance, so the next activity is a tour of the city where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the various attractions. Wear comfortable shoes, a hat, sunglasses and stay hydrated.

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