1. Petpenoun for 03 days and 02 nights

Petpenoun for 03 days and 02 nights

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The Petpenoun domain has prepared everything to welcome you.

Located in the west of Cameroon, 11km from Foumbot, the domain takes its name from the famous Petpenoun Lake. Lined with greenery and water, the site is ideal for reconnecting with oneself, slowing down the daily pace, and getting back in shape.

The lodgings built with local materials will remind you of your African identity. Inspired by the architecture of Kenyan lodges, these spaces will allow you to spend privileged moments alone, as a couple, with family or friends.

Don't be fooled by the traditional construction of the accommodations. To make you feel at ease, the owners have equipped the various rooms with comfortable, practical furniture. The showers are clean and modern, as is the size of the rooms, far from cramped.

You can choose between Ranch Rooms, Lodges, Beach Rooms and Boukarous Rooms. The main difference between these categories is not the standard of living, but rather the proximity to elements that enhance the domain and the customer experience that the staff will offer you.

Spread out over 200 hectares, the Petpenoun estate offers a plethora of activities to be carried out, always with the aim of enhancing your stay. You can choose between water sports and land-based activities. Depending on the climate and other natural hazards we can mention: Golf, swimming pool, Tennis, Car

Apart from the attractions on the site, you can also visit the neighboring villages, meet local artisans, go on Saturdays to the market place, the meeting place of the Bamoun culture of this region.

Cameroon has so much to offer and today it is the turn of the Petpenoun domain to reach out to you. Ease Travel Service is your partner to help you grasp that hand and participate in an unforgettable experience.

Contact us now for a quote, knowing that the package is flexible and adaptable as much as possible to your portfolio and your desires.


Meal02 breakfasts 02 lunches 02 dinners
HotelBeach room
TourismWater activities, hiking on the site, sports and games available on the site




Departure for the Petpenoun estate

Departure for the Petpenoun estate

After checking all your luggage, you take the road according to the means of transport that you have previously chosen (personal car, VIP bus, helicopter...)

After a few hours, you present yourself with all the elements justifying your stay on the spot. You will be immediately taken to your rooms by a warm and friendly staff.

You will certainly want to rest from your journey; this will be available by the pool, the lake or in the middle of the greenery, depending on your desires.

In the midst of all these adventures, you will be treated to delicious meals, depending on the terms of your tourist stay.

Discover the attractions of the domain and its surroundings

Discover the attractions of the domain and its surroundings

After a hearty breakfast, it's time to embark on a revitalizing adventure.

You can start with a short hike or a tour of the property. You will be able to admire the peaceful expanse of the lake bordered by green grass. It's the perfect setting to take beautiful photos for your scrapbook. You can shorten your visit to the site to go to the surrounding neighborhoods to meet the local artisans.

Afterwards, you can relax by taking a dip in the pool provided by the estate, or spend some time surrounded by the horses on the site.

Afterwards, you can choose to rest in your room or watch the sunset by the lake.

End of the wonderful stay on the Petpenoun estate

End of the wonderful stay on the Petpenoun estate

After checking in all your belongings, you go to the reception where you are warmly thanked by the staff for the choice of their domain. From there, you walk down the driveway to the outside of the estate to get to your transportation.

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