1. SAINT VALENTIN 2023 at the ZINGANA hotel

SAINT VALENTIN 2023 at the ZINGANA hotel

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It's never too early to plan with your loved one

Spend Valentine's Day 2023 in a different way at the ZINGANA hotel located in the beautiful city of Bafoussam. The restful setting, the temperate climate of this city and the comfortable rooms of the hotel will sublimate your stay. You will have the opportunity to find yourself and break with the routine of everyday life.

With 249000 FCFA, live the Valentine's Day 2023 differently.

This package includes:

🏠 Accommodation 02 nights in a room CONFORT

🥞 Breakfasts for 02

🥰 A Romantic dinner composed of a full meal bottle of wine


HotelStandard room
MealBreakfast for two A romantic dinner with a bottle of wine




Day 1: Arrival at the hotel ZINGANA

Day 1: Arrival at the hotel ZINGANA

Having reserved your room in advance, it will be available this day from 12:00. You have the possibility to manage your departure as you wish.

Once on the site, you go to the reception for identification, and you will be taken to your room.

Depending on your arrival time on site, you can take a tour of the property, go swimming or just enjoy the view from your room.

Day 2: Romantic dinner

Day 2: Romantic dinner

This day is mainly dedicated to the romantic Valentine's Day dinner.

Day 3: End of the stay

Day 3: End of the stay

Your room is available until 12:00, so you can still enjoy the beauty of the site in the morning before checking in and heading out.

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