1. Visit the Solutré de Batack in Babouantou

Visit the Solutré de Batack in Babouantou

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Welcome to Solutré de Batack : the Vermont Castle of Greece ,237 version ⛰️🏕️🌄🏡

Best choice for a peaceful stay and a unique moment of relaxation 💆🏾♀️💆🏾♂️

Solutré de Batack is a residence built on the hilltop of Batack village, in the Babouantou grouping, Haut-Nkam department.

An ideal immersion in the middle of nature and an extraordinary setting, consisting of :

🏽 High standing and fully equipped accommodation

👉🏽 A boukarou

👉🏽 A basketball court

👉🏽 A recreational area with table soccer

👉🏽 A freshwater fish pond

👉🏽 A beautiful garden with natural and varied fruits.

You can also enjoy tourist activities such as:

👉🏽 Hiking in the hills of Batack

👉🏽 Hike to the stone pot

👉🏽 Visit of traditional chiefdoms

👉🏽 Discovery of local traditional dances

👉🏾 Diving in the many rivers that cross the locality.

Discover this wonder during your stays with family, friends, couples or alone.

NB: Subscribe to this package according to your availability 🤗

Your reservations 👉🏾 http://wa.me/237696189034

More photos and information here: https://bit.ly/3yg9uia


MealThe board is complete
Tourism5 activities in the fresh air of Babouantou.


ShuttleTransportation is not included in the rate.


Day 1 - Departure for Solutré

Day 1 - Departure for Solutré

The first day, it is the day of departure for Babouantou passing by Bafang then the tourist Hotel of Bana.

On arrival you are warmly welcomed by your host. You will be assigned an accommodation. The rest of the day you can start enjoying the mountainous landscape.

Day 2 - Discovery day

Day 2 - Discovery day

On the second day of your stay you can explore the property and its surroundings.

Within the grounds of Solutré, there is plenty to do. There is an open fishing area, a basketball court, tennis tables, table soccer...

Day 3 - Last day of the trip

Day 3 - Last day of the trip

Last day of the stay, last grace morning, last tour of the property.

A last contemplation will not hurt before returning to the city and its noises.

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